What is the best indoor surveillance camera

In general, indoor surveillance cameras are dome cameras that will be mounted in the interior space of a location. With their shape and design, these rooms give a spectacular look to their location, but their well-defined purpose is to monitor the activity over a certain radius. These types of surveillance cameras are equipped with a fixed or varifocal lens as required and a visual beach. They have valuable infrared systems and antivandal property to make it impossible for them to be destroyed by villains.

Indoor video surveillance cameras are available in different versions, sizes and styles. But an important criterion for classifying them is the one that divides them into analog or classical IPs, with the variable price and performance differences previously set. An indoor analog camera will store the recordings using a dvr, while internal IP cameras can store SD card, cloud, FTP server, or local systems, including NAS devices. Additionally, these IP cameras can capture moving images at very high resolutions up to 4k, as opposed to analog indoor cameras that are limited to certain standards.

4K CCTV installation in London by LogicalGate

These camera models are designed by manufacturers to operate only inside a location, being sensitive to high or low temperatures as well as to water. They can be used to construct a strict surveillance system for indoor space as well as mixed surveillance systems (indoor and outdoor cameras). Due to the new technological requirements, the market and indoor security rooms appeared on the market, resistant to changes in temperature or to the whims of the weather. The price of these products varies depending on the technology used, but also on the unique and special features of each device.

What do we recommend? An Indoor Surveillance Camera with revolutionary features designed to ensure the protection of an indoor space from all points of view. A product whose quality-price ratio exceeds expectations and is capable of delivering perfect images in day or night. This is the Hikvision DS-2CE56C2T-VFIR3, an internal surveillance camera with a 1/3 “Progressive Scan, CMOS and a 2.8-12 mm varifocal lens. The camera has special features of the latest generation starting with Digital Noise Reduction, 62x digital zoom or Slow Shutter and Continuing with Mirror, Defoc, Pixel Correction, Eclipse, Smart D-Zoom or IrCut.What is the best indoor surveillance camera

In addition, we are talking about an indoor room with remarkable resilience to climate change or weathering, a product that can work without hesitation at temperatures between -40 and 60 degrees. Moreover, by acquiring this product you will discover the spectacular experience of perfect night-time surveillance thanks to the 36-LED infrared system, capable of providing detailed monitoring over distances that can reach 30 meters in the interior space of your location. The sale price is very balanced: 50 GBP for an indoor surveillance camera that has absolutely everything to solve any problem, no matter how complicated it seems.