Bathroom drain systems for modern households

If you are looking for the best wet room gully, there are two choices you can make. The first one, and the most obvious, is the conventional point shower drain systemthe. Stylish and as inconspicuous as you want it to be, this is the drain system present in the vast majority of bathrooms. But you might want to reconsider if you really want the best of the best.

While their technology has improved, they are still kind of obsolete. How come, you may ask? Because they collect the water and its impurities on a smaller area, they are more easily clogged and much more difficult to maintain. Furthermore, they are harder to install, since the inclination of the floor tiles needs to be concentric, towards the drain (we are not even mentioning the fact that some of the tiles, those near the drains, will need to be cut for the drain to better fit).

On the other hand, if you choose for your wet room gully the channel drains, all of these problems will disappear. Basically long and narrow profiles, these types of drains accumulate the water from a bigger surface area. In this way, they are capable of handling much larger volumes of water than the traditional point drains. Furthermore, the impurities are also collected on a larger area, so the potential risk of clogging is usually diminished.

In this way, you can say goodbye to the risk of water overflowing or infiltrating beneath the tiles. You can take your morning shower without worrying about the overflow and you can take your evening bath as relaxed as possible, without being annoyed by the rancid smell of the stagnant water.

But this isn’t all. The traditional point drains can be personalized, though the choices you can make are just a few. On the other hand, the possibilities are limitless as far as the channel drains are concerned. The longer the profiles are, the narrower their opening will be, thus becoming even less inconspicuous – of course, the opening does need to have a minimum opening, specified in the installation instructions.

When it comes to these type of wet room gully, you can also choose from a larger array of components by which they’re produced, through the regular stainless-steel towards the latest antimicrobial alloys. You can also choose many different designs for the gratings, just like you want it – you can even ask for personalized ones, with inscriptions on them.

The personalization of the linear drains can go as far as installing LED lighting on them – you can be certain that anything is possible if you really want it. Contact us and our professional teams will guide you in the right direction.

All in all, while the standard point drains systems can be found in many of the households, the linear ones are found in all the modern homes. The choice you need to make is pretty simple. If you want your shower room to be just that, we have the perfect traditional point drains for you. But if you want to have a proper modern wet room, choose the channel drains.

When it comes to any type of modern wet room gully, we have the perfect answers for you. Contact us and find out more. Come and this investment will be the best you’ll make for increasing the quality of your way of life.