Prolong the life of your pools’ circulation pump

If there is one swimming pool system whose importance dwarves the others’, then that is certainly the water circulation pump. This is literally the heart of the swimming pool, the one who keeps the water flowing. Without it, the water heater would be useless, just like the filter pump, or just like all the other features. When it comes to taking a nice dip, careless and free, the circulation pump is the one every swimming pool owner should thank.

If it wasn’t for this essential feature, the water would be cold and filled with impurities, the water would be stagnant and potentially dangerous for the health, and so on. Just like a body without a heart, the swimming pool would lose all its abilities without the circulation pump.

So why is it so important and how can you prolong its life for as long as possible? As its name suggests, the water circulation pump ensures a steady movement from the pool to all the systems and back into the pool. It is the one who sends the water towards the heater, towards the filtration pump, towards the purifier, and so on. And, thankfully, it is very low maintenance.

And the problems with the circulation pump begin to appear especially when one of the other essential systems has become faulty. For example, the impurities in the water can cause serious problem to the circulation pump. And if notice impurities, you quickly have to remedy the situation – it is most likely a problem with the filter pump. And this is a problem easy to be solved, simply by backwashing the filter pump or by replacing the sand in it (the sand filter pumps are the most common nowadays).

Of course, if you don’t take care of the problem as soon as possible, the circulation pump might work for a while – but when you will notice that there is something wrong it will already be too late and extensive repairs will be needed. And that is because a faulty water circulation pump can lead to then deterioration of all the other swimming pool features and systems.

And when that will happen you will need to do extensive repairs – so save both time and money and monitor the pool’s activity. As said, this is low maintenance – from time to time, check if everything is ok with the ozonator, the water heater, the filter pump, and so on.

And it is very easy to do that, especially if you install the new monitoring touchscreen to your swimming pool. And this is exactely what it sounds to be – a touchscreen display which shows you the parameters in which all the swimming pool systems function. Not only that, you can change these parameters as well with this display – for example, you can change the temperature of the water, the quantity of disinfectant spread in the water, the pressure of water at the filter, and so on.

You just need a simple and easy to install tool in order to prolong the life of the water circulation pump. Once you will do that, you will keep an eye on all the systems of the swimming pool and you will always know when maintenance is needed.